Desroches Partners new office

We’ve moved two floors up!

Desroches Partners has seen remarkable growth over the last three years, with no sign of slowing down. To keep up with our expanding client base, we’ve added many talented individuals to our team. Those who have visited us in our corporate office at 840 Gessner are aware that we’ve been bursting at the seams for quite some time–in fact, we recently spilled over to a satellite office on the second floor of our building.

It was high time to get into an office where we can better collaborate, where physical proximity isn’t an issue. Well, we’ve done just that. Effective Monday, May 9, 2016, Desroches Partners is located just above where you previously found us; same building, two floors up, in Suite 350. Just take an elevator to the third floor–you’ll see our entrance as you step off.

Oh, and it’s a really cool space. Come visit us!

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