Audit Services

Audit Services

We partner with our clients to strengthen their internal controls, promote transparency and accountability, and provide strategic business advice to set them up for financial success. Call Desroches Partners today at (713) 360-0800 to learn more about our audit services. 

Auditing is the process of reviewing and examining an organization’s overall financial health. While it is primarily focused on ensuring that financial statements are fairly presented, an audit also helps to improve a company’s internal controls and systems. 

Without proper internal controls and financial reporting in place, financial statements can be easily forged to make a company appear more financially stable than it actually is. Sometimes, internal audits are not enough to maintain fair and accurate reporting. This is why hiring an external auditor like Desroches Partners is very important to identify any loopholes or errors in a company’s financial statements. 

Desroches Partners LLP provides audit, review, and compilation services to privately held companies to help them meet the reporting requirements imposed by lenders, sureties, outside investors, and other governmental and regulatory agencies. The firm works hard to accelerate the overall reporting process while making sure that all the figures reflected on their client’s financial statements are fairly presented. 

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Hiring an External Auditor for Your Business

It is important to take note that external auditors do more than just checking your financial statements. They can also provide you with valuable insight on how to mitigate risks before they can cause serious financial losses to your business. Furthermore, an external audit is the best way to determine your company’s current financial status and streamline your internal accounting process.  

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What Are the Advantages to Hiring An External Auditor?

Validation of the internal accounting process

An external audit allows business owners to review the accuracy of both their accounting team and internal accounting process. External auditors provide an organization with an unbiased evaluation of its financials and recommend ways on how it can increase efficiency and improve its internal controls and systems. 

Transparent and credible financial reporting

Having your financial statements checked and verified by an independent auditing team gives your company and its shareholders the confidence that the organization is being run within your best interests. Impartial financial reporting and assessment also enable organizations to have a very clear picture of their financial performance and position. 

Hiring an independent auditing firm like Desroches Partners LLP is a great way to ensure transparency and accuracy of your company’s financial statements. In general, external auditors can provide a fair and unbiased assessment of an organization’s financial health. 

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At Desroches Partners, our audit approach is tailored to gain an understanding of each client’s business and the industry in which it operates. We work hard to help our clients strengthen their internal controls, increase profitability and productivity, and provide strategic business advice to help them in making informed business decisions.

Our audit services include:

  • Financial statement audits
  • Reviews
  • Compilations

We give high importance to integrity, transparency, and impartiality in order to protect our client’s best interests. Our role is to help you resolve issues as soon as they arise and prevent you from incurring major financial losses. By choosing to work with us, you will get to enjoy our services at a perfect ratio of 1:1:1. You will be paired with at least one dedicated senior partner and an associate for a more hands-on and personalized experience.

If you are in need of an audit, review, or compilation, Desroches Partners is the accounting firm to call. You may contact us at (713) 360-0800 for a comprehensive financial review of your business.

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