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Estate and Succession Planning Services

At Desroches Partners, our goal is to help you mitigate all potential liabilities involving estate tax planning and ensure the orderly transfer of assets to your heirs and nominated beneficiaries. Call us today at (713) 360-0800 for a free consultation.

A sophisticated and well-designed estate or succession plan is crucial to secure the future of your loved ones and allow for a smooth succession of business ownership should you retire or pass away. At Desroches Partners, our role is to guide you through the complicated asset distribution process to minimize the tax burden on your heirs and beneficiaries, help preserve family assets for multiple generations, and ensure that assets are managed in a way that meets your objectives. Our team of expert estate planners focuses on comprehensive wealth transfer and estate tax reduction strategies, as well as business succession planning, tailored to address our client’s unique needs.

At Desroches Partners, we can help you to deal with all types of estate and succession planning issues involving complex business matters, complicated family situations, and other unique life scenarios. You can trust our team of experts to provide you with a full range of asset and wealth management solutions to address your specific needs. We will guide you through the whole process of drafting, updating, and enforcing an estate or succession plan to protect every aspect of your financial well-being.

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Importance of Estate Planning 

Estate planning is the process of nominating beneficiaries who will receive your assets in the event of your untimely death or incapacitation. In general, a comprehensive estate plan protects your heirs from paying excessive taxes on the assets that you have passed on to them. Here are some of the reasons why estate planning is very important.

  • Estate planning avoids asset distribution to unintended beneficiaries.
  • It ensures timely distribution of assets to your rightful beneficiaries.
  • It minimizes your heir’s estate tax liability
  • It prevents disagreements between family members and relatives.
  • It gives you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are secured and protected.

Planning for asset distribution is a sensitive and complex process. This is why hiring a certified public accountant like Desroches Partners is beneficial to help you and your lawyer when it comes to planning, documenting, and enforcing your will. 

Importance of Succession Planning

Succession planning is one of the most common challenges faced by small and large businesses alike. Even if you don’t anticipate stepping down from a key position anytime soon, continuous succession planning is necessary to safeguard your company’s future. Here are some of the reasons why succession planning is crucial for business continuity.

  • Succession planning prepares the next generation of leaders.
  • It secures your company’s financial future
  • It prevents a dip in employee performance and problematic organizational structure.
  • It enables recruitment in-house.
  • It creates a structure for training and development

Future-proofing your business is difficult, but not impossible. When done successfully, succession planning is a great way to retain and train qualified successors who can keep your business in good standing for many years to come.

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At Desroches Partners, we have a team of certified public accounts with decades of experience in helping multi-million companies and high-net-worth individuals protect their assets, craft their legacies, and solve their estate tax problems. 

Estate and succession planning in Dallas or Houston, TX can be very difficult to navigate. Fortunately, Desroches Partners has the right mix of professionals who can help you when it comes to estate planning, succession planning, business valuation, and more. 

Our estate and succession planning services include:

  • Asset protection and wealth preservation
  • Estate tax planning
  • Integrated estate and business planning
  • Trust implementation
  • Tax return preparation and planning
  • Income tax planning for beneficiaries

Our focus is on advanced individual estate and business succession planning, as well as preparation of reliable financial reports and income tax reduction strategies, for high-net-worth individuals and privately held businesses worldwide. Our scope encompasses a multitude of industries; including, but not limited to, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, professional service firms, broker-dealers, and real estate. 

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