Sightline Consulting

From Here to There

Desroches Partners is committed to seeing your business thrive. Through our tax, audit, and planning services, we lay the groundwork for sound financial practices and business strategies. Sightline Consulting, a partner organization, seeks to impact your company’s success through another channel–its people.

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Sightline Consulting provides line-of-sight to what’s possible–individually and corporately–and has the expertise and the tools necessary to get you there. Approaching the human element with the same diligence that our accountants dedicate to your fiscal well-being, Sightline’s program results in more intentional, passionate and effective team members.

Utilizing a variety of workshops and retreats, Sightline Consulting focuses on personal development, goal accomplishment, teamwork, and organizational growth. We deploy the Birkman Method and a host of proprietary tools in not only developing the individuals within your organization, but also the cultural DNA that promotes a strong, cohesive team.

Services offered by Sightline Consulting

  • Behavioral & motivational assessments using the Birkman Method
  • Team dynamics and productivity
  • Development of personal productivity plans
  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership development
  • Strategic planning
  • Cultural assessment & alignment
  • Development of firm mission, vision and values (MVV)
  • Development of MVV communication and deployment plans
  • Workshops and retreats

For more information, please contact:
Tim McKenzie
T: 713.360.0831
M: 713.702.5959