Sightline Consulting

Sightline Consulting

Sightline Consulting provides line-of-sight to what’s possible – individually and corporately – and has the expertise and the tools necessary to help you achieve your goals and objectives. Sightline Consulting focuses on the human element with the same diligence that our accountants at Desroches Partners dedicate to protect your financial well-being. Sightline Consulting programs result in more intentional, passionate, and effective team members.

Utilizing a variety of workshops and retreats, Sightline Consulting focuses on personal development, goal accomplishment, teamwork, and organizational growth. They utilize the Birkman Method and a host of proprietary tools to not only develop the individuals within your organization, but also the cultural DNA that promotes a strong, cohesive team.

Bringing Out the Best in Your Team

Sightline Consulting focuses on bringing your people together to achieve a common goal – the success of your organization. An efficient team is one of the most important business assets that you could ever have. This is the reason why Sightline Consulting works hard to develop programs and activities that can help your team members develop a sense of responsibility and commitment.

Leading a team of diverse people can be exhausting, but very rewarding. Sightline Consulting believes that one of the best ways to improve relationships with team members is to connect with them on a more personal level. Leaders must develop their listening skills to foster open communication within the organization. This way, members will not hesitate to raise concerns or share ideas that can be helpful not only for them but for the company as well.

Another effective way to build trust among your team members is through hosting team-building activities. These activities provide the skills, training, and resources to your team members so that they can work together harmoniously. Team building is not a one-time affair and to be truly effective, needs to be embedded in an organization’s culture and daily routine.

It is also important to give credit where credit is due. This gives your team members the boost in confidence to always do their best in everything that they do. However, it is very important to create an environment that encourages collaboration rather than competition. If you want a cohesive team, reward the team as a whole for a job well done. The spirit of true collaboration is when all of your team members work closely together despite their differences.

Sightline Consulting offers a wide variety of services including:

  • Behavioral & motivational assessments using the Birkman Method
  • Team dynamics and productivity
  • Development of personal productivity plans
  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership development
  • Strategic planning
  • Cultural assessment & alignment
  • Development of firm mission, vision, and values (MVV)
  • Development of MVV communication and deployment plans
  • Workshops and retreats

By working with us, you can fully maximize the benefits of working with tax professionals and team management experts at a price that won’t break the bank. Discover how Desroches Partners and Sightline Consulting can bring out the best in your team and business.

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