We exist to create partnerships of trust from which everyone prospers.

We are family. We give back. We collaborate. We act with integrity. We pursue excellence. We build trust.

We at Desroches Partners live and work by a defined set of values. Our principles unite us in the day-to-day, and perhaps even more importantly, give us a single direction to strive toward. Our clients can know what to expect when working with anyone at our firm, on any project, under any discipline.

What we do, whether it’s audit, accounting, consulting, bookkeeping, or any other service within our expertise, is rooted in who we are. By adhering to our values, what we do stays relevant. Mutual trust and shared benefit are imperative in our firm–clients call on us to deliver a high level of expertise, and we succeed only when we deliver that. As an organization and the individuals within it, we will stay focused on service, encourage one another, and hold each other accountable as we fully embrace these values.